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We don't do "cheap shed foundations" on our builds; those sheds are for the lawnmowers and rakes. BACK HOUSE builds are for PEOPLE and are professionally engineered pier and beam. Ask a Realtor/Appraiser the difference in value between a cheap shed foundation and ours when you go to sell. Our builds are built to current building codes exactly as if it was your main home.

Built to code: Double pane low E-windows / Completely insulated walls and ceiling (can add spray foam) / Professionally designed architectural plans / Engineered wind shear building wall assemblies / Engineered foundations / Plumbing and electrical inspected to current code / All safety aspects built to current code  

Construction and Design Upgrades Available: Use your Imagination or a Designers! We DO Luxury as Well! Metal Roof / Expanded Trex Decking / French double front door / Spray foam insulation / Washer & Dryer connections /  Additional kitchen cabinets...and much more. 

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